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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Back in the Water in St Martin (Mar 6th - Mar 19th, 2024)

Highlights this week:  finishing the paint job on Koinonia; installing our long anticipated anchor roller extension; discovering delicious shawarmas at “Little Jerusalem” on the Dutch side of St Martin; cruisers church continues to grow; launching Koinonia and sailing north to Grand Case; finally feeling like cruisers again.

Wed Mar 6th - regular school day. Ben and Amber applied the first coat of paint to the bottom. The contractors began removing the plastic masking from the hull.

Thu Mar 7th - regular school day.  Applied a second coat of bottom paint and a third to the waterline and taped off the cap rail and the hull to prepare to caulk the joint.  Made Puerto Rican beans and rice for dinner. The girls have been enjoying listening to Sir Author Conan Doyal's "Sherlock Holmes" books.

Fri Mar 8th - caulked the port side of the hull to cap rail joint.  The welder came and we nearly got the anchor roller extension installed but a few more changes are needed, so he took it back to the shop.  After pushing hard for several days, we were pretty exhausted so rested after lunch. Ben cut his hair and trimmed his beard. Went to eat at shawarmas at “Little Jerusalem” with SV Quazami, then went to "Buccaneers" for kids night.

Sat Mar 9th - Amber did a large load of laundry while Ben worked on boat projects.  After lunch, the kids went to the field to play with friends and Ben worked on the message for Sunday.

Sun Mar 10th - worship service and communion at the field.  We had four families with kids this week (18 people).  Helped SV Quazami move their boat out to Marigot Bay, then had dinner on their boat.

Mon Mar 11th - regular school day. Finished installing thru-hull vents/covers and working with the welder to fit and mark the anchor roller extension.  Ben painted the running gear and installed new zincs. Invited SV Quazami over for dinner; Amber made butter chicken with Basmati and grilled cauliflower.

Tue Mar 12th - regular school day. Amber washed the deck of the boat and Ben waxed the hull to protect our new paint job.  Met with the guy who is making our vinyl lettering for the transom of the boat to finalize the colors.  Almost ready to splash!

Wed Mar 13th - tomorrow is splash day. Spent the entire day finishing up waxing the hull, installing the anchor roller extension, and putting away our gear.  SV Quazami had a guy fly down to look at their boat.  After, we hosted their family for dinner; Amber made Sloppy Joe’s and they were a big hit.

Thu Mar 14th - today is a family holiday because it’s splash day.  Launched Koinonia trouble free.  Filled all of our Jerry cans with fuel, topped up the water tanks, and bought several bags of ice.  Made sandwiches for lunch,  then drove the boat to the French side of the lagoon to anchor for the first time in over 2 months.

Fri Mar 15th - weighed anchor at 8:10am and headed for the Sandy Ground Bridge to Marigot Bay. Sailed north a few miles to Grand Case and dropped the hook by 9:45am, not far from Tommy Hilfiger's private yacht. Waters there are very clear and the holding is very good.  SV Quazami joined us by 11am.  Had lunch together on Quazami and spent the afternoon watching the kids swim and play.  Had duck stew for dinner on Quazami.  Wind built in the night with some gusts over 30kts, but our anchor never budged and no one around us did either.

Sat Mar 16th - kids swam and played all day. The winds settled down a good bit. Friends came over for lunch and we had a huge cheese and cold cut plate with homemade hummus, olives, and fruit.  Moved both boats closer to shore for better protection. At sundown, we hosted for dinner and Amber made chicken caccetori with pasta. Ben made pan roasted Brussels sprouts in butter and duck fat as a side. SV Quazami kids had a sleepover on our boat since they have a showing for their boat tomorrow.

Sun Mar 17th - for breakfast we made eggs, sausage, and homemade southern biscuits. Kids played most of the morning. SV Quazami showed their boat to prospective buyers. Met on their boat for at 4pm. Had tea, then a time of worship, then we had burgers and chips for dinner. Came home and ran the AC for about an hour or so to cool the boat down before bed.

Mon Mar 18th - regular school day. Hung out with friends and swam off the back of the boats. The Dads went ashore and did some shopping at Super U.  Took a taxi back for $1 US each.

Tue Mar 19th - regular school day. Kids met another boat family with a teen boy and girl aboard who just arrived in SXM from the Med. Went into town after enjoying some snacks with SV Quazami and enjoyed some street food, live music, and Carnaval-like festivities.

God Bless

S/V Koinonia


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