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Cruising Gear

​These are NOT paid endorsements. This is gear we use and have experience with sailing and during our life afloat.  We do receive affiliate compensation when you use our links to some retailer websites (i.e. Amazon):

Services We Depend On

  • DAN Boater - travel emergency evacuation insurance anywhere in the globe.  Their hotline will also help to consult you on how to treat injuries at sea, like a broken arm or a nasty reef cut.

  • Predict Wind Offshore - not only provides GRIB weather reports and detailed predictive models, but supports this data via the Iridium satellite network with seamless integration with our IridiumGo!

  • Traveling Mailbox - a mail forwarding service that gives us a real physical address to receive mail and packages. Using their mobile app, we get notification when we receive mail and can have the contents scanned or forwarded to our current location. They have great customer service and reasonable monthly fees.

  • Viper Broadband - is a third party mobile wireless plan provider specializing in unlimited, unthrottled hotspot data plans for nomads with no contract.  Their service and responsiveness have been top-notch!

Fishing Gear

Fishing is one of our crew's favorite pass-times. Whether we're inshore or trolling offshore on a passage, not only is it a lot of fun, it is also a super healthy way to supplement our diet onboard!


  • Offshore Pursuit: A Complete Guide to Bluewater Sport Fishing - is a great starting point for anyone new to offshore fishing.​ It will teach you the basics of rigging a spread and where to focus to help maximize your success.

  • Hand line reel or Yo Yo - for storing a trolling rig and, hand lining a fish in (with gloves) but it's super fun!

  • Shimano TLD 50 Class Offshore Trolling Reel - look for a lever drag unit, without level wind, with lots of line capacity and a big handle.  The Penn US Senator 50 (113W) is another bullet proof choice.

  • Cut Resistant Gloves - you'll be glad you have a set of these when you have to line a fish or when filleting.

  • Crimpers - a good pair are essential for rigging heavy duty monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders.

  • Cedar plug assortment in 6-8" - rigged solo or on a daisy chain, these are tried and true and practically guaranteed to catch fish. The action drives fish crazy.

  • Vertical Jigging Lures - work great near any kind of structure in deep water.  80-150gr. Great for tuna, amberjack, wahoo, mackerel, snapper, grouper, cod, and more.

  • More lures: Daisy Chain with Bird and Squid, Islander, Green MachineBonita trolling lure, etc.


Inshore, you want a good medium-heavy action spinning reel combo.

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