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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Prepping for Paint (Wed Feb 14th - Tue Feb 20th, 2024)

Updated: Mar 6

Highlights this week: Valentine’s Day in St Martin; boat paint prep and related mishaps with strong winds; priming the hull; meeting more boat families with kids; quality time with friends; birthday party at Fort Louis.

Wed Feb 14 - Ben made breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs, coffee and OJ. We gave each of the kids a set of watercolors, watercolor paper, and candy for Valentine’s Day. Mom and Dad got some practical gifts, like a new tea kettle, a new stainless stovetop espresso maker, etc. Regular school day. Ben worked with the contractors most of the day masking off the boat and taping.  One more day or prep work and we should be ready to start spraying primer.

Thu Feb 15 - regular school day; the stocks Ben bought last week are already up a few hundred dollars.  Ben helped the yard workers again today with taping and masking.  After school, the kids hit the field and played with friends until sunset, mostly making mud pies. while the parents sat around and talked.  Amber made quesadillas for dinner.  Tomorrow, priming begins on the hull.

Fri Feb 16 - regular school day. Got off the boat early to allow the contractors to finish masking the topsides to lay down the first coat of primer.  Ben worked on the message for cruisers church on Sunday. Took the kids to Kim Sha Beach/ Buccaneers for kids night and met some new-to-us boat families.  We turned in early and left around 7pm. When we returned to the boat, we found that the contractors completed the primer, however the wind was building putting the framing around the boat in jeopardy. Ben had to get up late in the night to cut the plastic free to prevent the frames from falling onto the boat.

Sat Feb 17 - kids got up early and went to the cruisers swap-meet at Lagoonies. They sold a few items but it was a slow day.  Ben and the owner of the contracting company we hired to paint the boat packed all the plastic sheets that were destroyed by the wind. The kids played for most of the day with friends. Leftovers for dinner. Ben finished preparing for cruisers church. Watched “I Love Lucy” reruns before bed.

Sun Feb 18 - cruisers church at the public track and field. Afterward we came home and had a mostly chill day.  Ben started learning to whistle extremely loudly (taxi cab whistle); a useful skill for signaling our free range children!  Amber made beef stroganoff for dinner.

Mon Feb 19 - regular school day; President’s Day holiday in the US.  Ben made a baked pasta for lunch. Boat work continues with priming and fairing completed. We were invited to a birthday party tomorrow at Ft Louis. Grilled chicken, broccoli and quinoa for dinner.

Tue Feb 20 - regular school day; contractors worked on sanding the primer on the boat today.  Ben and Amber took a large load of laundry to the laundry mat. Went to the birthday party at 3pm and there were a ton of kids at the party.  Adults hung out and we were able to meet several more boat families.  Came back home and made baked pasta for dinner.

God Bless,

SV Koinonia


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