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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Goodbye to Grenada (Wed Nov 15 - Tue Nov 21, 2023)

Highlights this week: prepping to leave Grenada; squeezing in as much time with  friends as possible before we leave; provisioning and movie night at the theater; studying the weather and route to Martinique; Ben and Amber celebrate 17 years of marriage; final goodbyes to friends and the lovely island of Grenada.

Wed Nov 15th - typical school day; Ben traded stocks, then replaced the exhaust fan on the forward head along with all the wiring. Met our friends from SV BAGIA for $1 wing night ($1 EC = $0.37 US) at the Grenada Yacht Club.

Thu Nov 16th - typical school day; Ben traded stocks.  Communicated with various contractors in St Martin about boat projects when we haul out in January. Our 3yo AGM batteries are on the morphine drip; time to source new batteries. Ben made chicken fajitas for dinner.

Fri Nov 17th - typical school day; Ben traded stocks, then went ashore to get some essentials from the store.  After school, the boys from SV BAGIA (11, 9, and 7) came over. The kids played games, watched movies and sang karaoke all afternoon.  They all had a great time! Continued to monitor weather for possible passage to Martinique next week.

Sat Nov 18th - Ben and Amber’s 17th wedding anniversary was today.  Spent the afternoon with our friends on BAGIA, going to IGA, the mall, and then eating dinner at the Venezuelan restaurant, “Cilantro.”  Our taxi driver “Green Man” drove us.  After, we went to the local movie theater and saw “The Marvels” in 3D.  Came home and continued studying weather for our departure window for Martinique.  As of now, Wednesday looks like the best window.

Sun Nov 19th - went to church one last time in Grenada, then came home and ate leftovers for lunch. Did some chores and continued stowing things and making ready for our passage. "Green Man" gave us a bunch of fruit, so we juiced two big jars of lemon and lime juice.  Ben rigged fishing rods so they are ready to go.  Amber made chicken enchilada casserole for dinner.

Mon Nov 20th - typical school day; Ben traded stocks. Ben and Amber got out on their SCUBA gear in the afternoon to clean the bottom of the boat; finished the running gear, keel, and rudder; we were covered in the tiny shrimp/ krill!  Amber made Cajun red beans and rice for dinner; Ben made a large jar of lemonade from the lemons we juiced yesterday. Checked weather again and Wednesday still looks like the best window for an overnight passage to Martinique. Removed the deck awnings and stowed.

Tue Nov 21st - our final day before departing Grenada.  Finished stowing gear and making Koinonia ready to go to sea.  Went to the grocery store for one final provisioning run, then cleared out of customs and immigration.  Made water. Kids took a picture of a big rainbow. Our good friends on SV BAGIA invited us for dinner and swimming at their boat. We prayed together and said our goodbyes.

God Bless

S/V Koinonia


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