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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Exploring St Martin and Big News (Mar 20th - Apr 2nd, 2024)

Highlights: in this two-week sailing log, we put our boat "Koinonia" up for sale, enjoy time with friends in St Martin exploring the north coast harbors of Grand Case and Orient Bay, then celebrate Ben’s 42nd birthday, and celebrate Easter.

Wed Mar 20th - regular school day. Amber had a migraine. Ben worked on posting the listing to put “Koinonia” up for sale. After school, took the kids snorkeling in Grand Case around the marine park to the north.  Saw some fish and the water was clear, but there really wasn’t too much to see.  Amber made a chicken tortilla soup, which we took to SV Quazami’s boat and shared for dinner. Beautiful sunset.

Thu Mar 21 - regular school day. Ben spent most of the day varnishing teak in the forward head. After school, Amber and the kids cleaned out closets. After chores, the kids swam and went paddle boarding. Ben got in the dinghy and the kids took turns kneeboarding from all three boats (Quazami, Isla and Koinonia). After dinner, we had a bonfire on the north end of the beach.

Fri Mar 22 - Ben’s sister Kimberly’s 40th birthday today. Regular school day. Had an early dinner then took the kids to SV Isla for movie night while the adults played a card game called “Five Crowns."

Sat Mar 23 - Ben did some more boat projects. The kids swam and played on the beach and hung out on SV Isla and SV Koinonia for most of the day. Watched a guy doing tricks on a water jet powered flyboard. After dinner, kids had another movie night on SV Isla while the adults went to SV Quazami for sundowners and dominos.

Sun Mar 24 - worship over at SV Quazami with SV Isla. After worship, we took all the kids snorkeling at the marine park on the north side of the harbor, then the kids played the rest of the afternoon. SV Isla has a washing machine onboard, which they graciously allowed us to use. We washed and hung laundry up to dry across all three buddy boats. Ben went over to help SV Isla troubleshoot the outboard motor for their dinghy, which he successfully fixed. SV Isla hosted another movie night with the kids, but we enforced a strict curfew, since it was a school night.

Mon Mar 25 - regular school day; Ben and Anthony caught the bus to Marigot and went to Super U. When they got back, spent most of the afternoon prepping the boat for a virtual showing on Wednesday. Amber hand washed the rest of the laundry.

Tue Mar 26 - Ben spent the morning taking a taxi to Marigot and running errands for fuel and other items. The girls did school and cleaned the boat. When Ben returned, we ate lunch then got the boat ready to get underway to move to Orient Bay, due to the changing wind and swell. Anchored in Orient Bay on the east side of St Martin around 2:30 and continued working to get the boat ready for the virtual showing tomorrow.  Amber made split pea soup for dinner and the kids watched the Western flick, “Maverick.”

Wed Mar 27 - the kids started school early while Ben and Amber worked to prep for the virtual showing at 11:30.  SV Sunshine arrived and anchored off our starboard side; we haven’t seen them since we were last in the Dominican Republic, nearly a year ago. The kids went to SV Quazami around 11 on the SUP.  The showing went well. Took videos of the boat so we can add a virtual tour to the listing. In the afternoon, Ben and Ant went ashore to scope out a spot for a “Braai” (South African for BBQ). Found a spot and gathered some firewood.  Rendezvoused back ashore with all the families and had a potluck dinner.

Thu Mar 28 - beautiful sunrise in Orient Bay. Friends on SV Isla leave for the BVIs. Kids did school then swam and hung out on the beach most of the day. Ben made Carbonara for dinner.

Fri Mar 29 - Good Friday. Amber some crew from other buddy boats met on shore to workout. Ben was startled by the sound of a crash and discovered one side if the spreader bar for our dinghy davits had broken.  The weld failed, but thankfully, no other damage to the boat and the repair should be easy for a welder to fix. The kids have off school so they spent most of the day playing at the beach. Kids came back to SV Quazami while adults went ashore and walked to Leader Price for provisions. A Good Lady Samaritan stopped and offered the moms a ride back to Orient Bay, along with all of our groceries. Ben and Anthony walked the rest of the way.  Kids came over to SV Koinonia and played board games.

Sat Mar 30 - Swam to shore and joined friends to “gym” on the beach.  Today is Ben’s 42nd birthday. Moved the boats back to the west side of the island to Grand Case. We had lunch ashore at “Cynthia’s Talk of the Town.”  Amber made a delicious key lime pie using our friend LaToya’s recipe. The kids also made a cake for Easter and Ben’s birthday on SV Quazami and they sang “Happy Birthday.” Wrapped up the day with a bonfire on the beach and the kids roasting marshmallows.

Sun Mar 31 - Easter Sunday. Breakfast and worship with friends from SV Sunshine and SV Quazami.  Enjoyed a potluck spread for breakfast, tea, and coffee. Beautiful day.  Kids did an egg hunt after worship.  Relaxing afternoon. Ben made Coq au Vin for dinner.  The kids from SV Quazami and SV Sunshine came over for a movie night then the boys went home and the girls had a sleep over on SV Koinonia.

Mon Apr 1 - our friend Tommy Knox’s birthday today. Morning work-out ashore. Enjoyed spending the day with friends and getting some sun. Had tea and coffee and deserts in the afternoon with SV Quazami. Very busy day in Grand Case with a lot of boat traffic. Took family photos in the late afternoon.  SV Sunshine and SV Quazami came by after dinner for sundowners and watching giant tarpon swarming all around the boat under the glow of our blue underwater light.

Tue Apr 2 - our friend Jochi’s birthday today. Took the boat back to Marigot Bay and anchored close ashore to the canal that leads to the lagoon. Took our dinghy davit parts ashore to Mark, the welder, for repairs. The kids finished school around noon, so we took them to SV Quazami while the adults went ashore to eat Shwarmas and do some provisioning at Super U.  Returned and stowed all of our provisions, then took the kids to the field at Marigot. Came back to SV Quazami for tea, then the adults joined the kids at the field. Dads played keep away and rugby with the kids while the moms socialized with the other parents.

God Bless,

SV Koinonia


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