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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Grenada Week 4 (Wed Sep 27 - Tue Oct 3, 2023)

Highlights this week, shower restoration project continues; Ben needs a root canal to fix an old filling; we get our 3-month drivers licenses in Grenada and rent a car for the month of October; kids have lots of play time in the water with friends, including a beach bonfire; hot, dry, and rolly conditions for most of the week.

Wed Sep 27 - Extremely rolly due to lack of wind and offshore swells. Regular school day. Ben continued working on his investing course. Made water. After school, all the kids went next door to play and swim with their friends on SV Auralis. Ben made sesame chicken with rice for dinner.

Thu Sep 28 - rolly conditions continued for much of the night. Typical school day; Ben and Amber jumped back in the water and finished cleaning the bottom of the boat today.

Fri Sep 29 - kids do school; Ben does some work with brokerage clients and does some stock trading; finished the first coat of paint in the shower. Madelyn’s toe has mostly healed.

Sat Sep 30 - applied the second coat of paint to the shower floor.  Went ashore and Madelyn set up her jewelry stand; unfortunately another light traffic day (more vendors than buyers). The kids hung out with their friend, Landon, on Sailing Life Warriors while Ben and Amber went to the dentist office in the downtown area; he needs a root canal but, unfortunately, they couldn’t do the work and referred us to another office.  Had a late lunch at Victory, then went back home to the boat.  Girls said goodbye to Landon. Ben made orange chicken and fried rice for dinner.

Sun Oct 1 - busy day today. Went ashore to top up on gas, then went to the police station to get our 3-month drivers license for Grenada so we can drive the rental car.  Came back to the boat and had our time of worship via livestream; got to see our good friend and missionary, Chris Armstrong, bring the word. Chris, Sara, and their family are missionaries to the Mixtec people in Mexico.  You can check out their YouTube channel MixTec Missions.  After church, went to visit friends on SV Bagia and discussed cruising plans after Grenada, then went to a beach gathering with our friends on SV Auralis.  Had a fire on the beach and let the kids roast bread dough on a stick (a first for us); it was very good.

Mon Oct 2 - extremely rolly again today; zero wind. Can’t wait for the trades to reestablish after the tropical storm passes to the north. Went ashore and took a taxi to pick up a small SUV we rented for the month; it is ok, but not great; 45 min wait for the rental associate to show up while we sat outside in the heat. Went to Island Water World for a few odds and ends we need to finish the shower, then picked up some chicken roti for lunch at Sandra’s. Returned to the boat and Ben continued working on sanding and painting the shower while Amber and the kids did school. Wind picked up around 1pm and helped cool things down. Made water. Amber made poppyseed chicken for dinner.

Tue Oct 3 - regular school day; Ben and Martin from SV Auralis went ashore to track down some parts for the lithium install on Martin’s boat. Went to the Wireman’s House, which was a super nice store. Returned to the boat and kids were getting ready to go ashore for a volunteer event at the Yacht Club for an Opti sailing camp for kids on the Island, but we learned the event was sadly cancelled because someone stole rudders and parts off the boats. Had dinner at the Yacht Club with our friends on S/V Bagia.

God Bless,

S/V Koinonia


Oct 08, 2023

 I hope you’re able to get your tooth fixed Ben, I know how painful a root canal can be. Period.

Sailing Koinonia
Sailing Koinonia
Oct 08, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Joyce! I’m hoping to get my tooth fixed very soon.

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