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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Empty Nest in Grenada, Wk1 (Wed Oct 4 - Tue Oct 10, 2023)

Highlights this week, family friend, Ms. Sara, arrives in Grenada to take the girls to the US for two weeks and spend time with friends and family; touring the Tower Estate; goodbyes as the kids catch their flight to Virginia; spending time with a Christian brother; market day in St George’s with friends; boat projects and eire silence without our girls.

Wed Oct 4th - the kids finished packing for the trip to VA.  Our close family friend, Ms. Sara arrives today to pick up the girls for a 2-week hiatus in the States visiting family and friends. PIcked Sara up at the airport then drove to the nearby hotel to get her checked in. Next we drove to Tower Estates for a tour of the home and gardens; very steep, narrow, and windy roads!  After, went to a food village for an early dinner, then everyone went home for the evening.

Thu Oct 5th - the kids load up the dinghy with all their bags and we go ashore to pick up Sara, then go to lunch at Punj-abi restaurant for an early lunch before dropping them off at the airport.  Goodbyes and hugs all around. Amber and Ben drove back to the marina and stopped to buy some bread, then hung out at Knife and Fork in the A/C drinking coffee. Went back to the boat and had a light dinner. Watched an old movie, “His Girl, Friday.”

Fri Oct 6th - the stock market took a beating this week; could be some good buy opportunities. Ben did some work with his brokerage clients and made travel arrangements for a consulting gig in Florida. We are not happy with the rental car and decided to swap it out. Dropped off our laundry. Ate lunch at the Greek restaurant next to St George University; super yummy; one of the best we’ve had on the island!  Ben had a video call with a consulting client, then went back ashore to pick up laundry and run to the grocery to get some items for dinner. Ben made baby back ribs in the insta-pot and finished them in the broiler. Our friend and fellow Christ follower, Pat Brady, joined us for dinner and fellowship.

Sat Oct 7th - went ashore to Port St Louis to pick up Dave and Landon on Sailing Life Warrior and then drove the dink over to the downtown St George's open air market. Met our friend Pat at the water taxi dock. Our first stop was the fish market where bought a huge 2 inch thick slab of yellowfin (Ahi) tuna, then went in search of some produce.  Breadfruit is becoming scarce because it is late in the season but we did manage to find one.  Jimmy, a local and a new Christian believer whom Pat has been helping to disciple, volunteered to help guide us around.  After we dropped Dave and Landon back off at the marina, then went home to wash and store our haul of produce.  Ben applied the first coat of paint to the walls of the shower. We ate leftover poppyseed chicken for dinner and started watching the four-part series called, “Dr Thorne” by Julian Fellows.

Sun Oct 8th - a horrible attack is carried out by Hamas on Israel today on civilians. Praying for Israel and for justice. Ben finished the second coat of paint on the shower walls. Took the dinghy ashore and drove to worship at the Grace Lutheran Church; the worship service was very good and the sermon encouraging.  We returned home and ate lunch on the boat.  Ben pulled the tape on the shower and began cleaning it up. Ben and Amber spent some time in prayer asking for God to guide us to where He wants us to go next and when.  Finished the “Dr Thorne” mini series.

Mon Oct 9 - neither of us slept well for some reason, so we slept in super late (9am). Started our day with quiet time and Bible reading. Amber spoke with the girls and with family throughout the day while Ben continued working on the shower, applying the first coat of varnish to the teak trim. The stock market had a good day today; did some consulting work. Leftovers for lunch and dinner.  Watched a bunch of live music performances on YouTube.

Tue Oct 10 - went ashore and took the trash, SCUBA tanks, and laundry. Dropped off the laundry, then drove to L&M Industries to have our SCUBA tanks inspected and tested. Went to ACE hardware to pick up a few supplies, then went to lunch at Madras Dosa Corner, a small South Indian restaurant; highly recommend!  Drove to IGA, the largest grocery store on the island, to grab some essentials. We found broccoli and other hard to find items; Amber was thrilled. The stock market had another good day today. Family in VA took Aliza to urgent care because of a sore on her ankle that was not healing or responding to treatment. Turns out she had a minor fungal infection.  Did some consulting work. Grilled Mahi Mahi for dinner with fresh steamed broccoli.

God Bless,

S/V Koinonia


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