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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Exploring Sint Maarten Week 2 (Wed Jul 26 - Tue Aug 1, 2023)

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This week, the crew of S/V Koinonia continue to explore Sint Maarten while we wait for weather. Enjoy the awesome French food and pastries and a bit of duty free shopping. Exploring the remains of Fort Lewis in Marigot.  Provisioning at Carrefour Market; snorkeling the reef along Simpson Bay beach; prepping for our passage to Guadeloupe.

Wed Jul 26 - kids start school while Ben and Amber take the laundry to the drop off laundry mat and get the first round of diesel fuel.  Started looking at weather to continue our journey south. Picked up the kids and went back to our favorite bakery in Marigot, “Chez Fernand,” for incredible pastries and coffee. Hiked the short but steep climb to explore the ruins of the once mighty “Fort Louis,” a French fortress originally constructed during the reign of King Louis XVI in 1789.  Did some shopping, then ate lunch at the Creole restaurant, “Strickly Lokal.”  More shopping, then went back to the boat.  Looks like we will have a nice window to leave for Guadeloupe or Dominica on Tue. Watched, “Rocky II.”

Thu Jul 27 - Amber and the kids do school. Went to pick up the laundry. Paid $52 US, plus tip.  Ben took the Jerry cans and filled up on diesel as we start preparing for the next leg of our trip south.  Diesel cost $158 US. Continuing to monitor weather and study our route south; there is a tropical wave the NHC is monitoring for possible development but, as of today, they are forecasting it will track to our north.  Ben finished hand stitching a new bridle for the dinghy out of Dyneema webbing from SailRite. Aliza lost a tooth today. Amber made delicious chicken fajitas in the solar oven for dinner with refried beans and tortillas.  Watched “Rocky III.”

Fri Jul 28 - Amber and the kids do school. Aliza is very excited about her visit from the tooth fairy. She knows it’s not real, but enjoys pretending all the same. Cleaned the solar oven.  Made Puerto Rican beans and rice for lunch, then when the kids finished school, went to the dive shop to buy the big girls some larger life jackets for riding in the dinghy and fins for all three girls for snorkeling. Ben and Amber had a date night dinner at “The Palms,” while the kids stayed on the boat, ate pizza and watched a movie.

The Palms restaurant in Sint Maarten
Date night at “The Palms”

Sat Jul 29 - breakfast on the Dutch side of the island at "Lagoonies." Dropped off the laundry and dumped the trash.  Kids wanted to go back home and do crafts, so dropped them off and went to the French side of the island to do some shopping; bought some clothes for the kids and shoes for Ben and Amber.  Picked up some grocery essentials, wine, and cheese, then stopped to top up our gasoline Jerry can before returning home.  Ben did some work (brokerage). Late lunch of broccoli cheddar soup, then showers for all, and a movie.  Wind died so we got pretty hot, so ran the AC/ generator for a couple of hours to help cool the boat down.

Family enjoying a meal at Lagoonies restaurant in Sint Maarten
Breakfast at Lagoonies

Sun Jul 30 - warmed up some croissants in the oven for breakfast with coffee and three kinds of jam; listened to a sermon by J V McGee then heated leftovers for lunch. Took the whole crew to the ocean side of Simpson Bay for some snorkeling on the reef and let the girls try out their new fins; we saw lots of colorful reef fish and sea urchins. Everyone got showers, then Ben made a baked pasta dish for dinner. Amber has a headache. As of today, the weather looks good for a departure on Wednesday. Watched “Kindergarten Cop.”

Mon Jul 31 - Amber and the kids do school. Replaced the solenoid for the refrigeration pump and fan control box; fortunately had a spare onboard.  Ben and Amber went ashore and took a taxi to the largest supermarket on the island, Carrefour Market, and loaded up on fresh provisions before we head south. They sold large watermelons for $25 US; we clearly did not buy one. Stowed all the provisions and Ben made some pizzas using mini bagels for dinner.

Tue Aug 1 - Amber and the kids do school. Ben went ashore to clear out of Sint Maarten; paid $43 US for the extra week we spent at anchor.  Weather is still looking good for our departure tomorrow to Guadeloupe.  Topped up on gas for the generator and got a bag of pastries for an east breakfast tomorrow.  Collected some sand from the beach to add to our bottle (we add sand, small shells and rocks from each island we visit and layer them into a glass bottle as a souvenir).  The big girls have started taking music as an elective for high school.  Lizzy is doing ukulele and Maddy is doing piano.  Aliza is also practicing the ukulele. Made water and took trash ashore. Showers for all.  Watched some old “Home Improvement” reruns. Early to bed before our passage to Guadeloupe tomorrow.

God Bless,

S/V Koinonia

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