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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Boat Projects Wrap Up (Wed Jul 5 - Tue Jul 11, 2023)

Highlights this week: finishing up our boat projects, namely installing our new windlass, and reinforcing and repainting the foredeck where the staysail headstay is attached. Amber battles a migraine for a few days; one more visit to Hacienda de Límon with our friends Jochi and Ani. Starting to study weather and plan our route south.

Wed Jul 5 - morning quiet times (I often fail to mention this but this is how we try to start every day - spending time with God and reading our Bibles).  Amber and kids do school.  Ben started working to repair the foredeck as well as cleaning up the underside of the deck to prep for adding three layers of G-10 (compressed fiberglass sheets, each 1/4in thick) as reinforcement. Glassed the first layer into place. Ordered fried chicken and some tostones from the restaurant at the marina to go with our homemade rice and beans for a hardy lunch.  Went with Jochi to the machine shop to see about making a few changes to the backing plate/bracket for the inner stay and adding a 3/8” hole to attach a tie down stay for extra strength. Amber made an epic ham pot pie for dinner.

Thu Jul 6 - Scorching hot today; thankful to be on the dock with A/C. Amber and the kids do school. Paid for another week on the dock (weekly rate). Ben drove to pick up the backing plate from the machine shop; then worked on glassing another layer of G10 in place and fairing the deck. Working in a tiny anchor locker, in the heat, doing fiberglass work overhead, isn't exactly the most fun you can have on a boat. Amber had a bad migraine today. Ben spliced a baby stay out of 3/8in Dyneema.  Leftovers for dinner.

Fiberglass deck reinforcement
Concentric squares of deck reinforcement

Fri Jul 7 - quiet time; Amber and the kids do school. Amber is feeling better today. Ben finished glassing the reinforcements to the underside of the foredeck. Took the whole crew to TJ Maxx to get Madelyn a new pillow and grab a few miscellaneous items. Went to Panda Express for dinner, then to Walmart to start provisioning dry goods as we begin preparing to get back underway.  Kids are starting to plan for Maddy and Aliza’s birthdays, both in August. It's hard to believe Maddy will be turning 16.

Sat Jul 8 - Amber has a headache again.  Hot with light wind today (unusual). Storms expected to roll in later in the day.  Ben sanded and primed the foredeck topsides in the morning and then rain settled in for most of the afternoon and evening. Amber insisted on catching up the laundry, God bless her. Ben made blackened Mahi Mahi with homemade tarter sauce, steamed broccoli, and mashed potatoes for dinner. Watched the original version of “Cheaper by the Dozen.” Serious lightening storm tonight as we put the kids to bed. Prayed for our boat, and all boats in the vicinity, to be spared from a strike; our prayers were answered.

blackened Mahi Mahi with sides
Blackened Mahi Mahi - a family favorite

Sun Jul 9 - worship time on the boat in the morning; listened to an audio sermon by the late J Vernon McGee. Jochi called and invited us to drive up to the farm for a BBQ.  We made Caribbean rice with pigeon peas, cilantro, and coconut milk and a big salad. The views on the drive up to Hacienda de Límon are beautiful. Cooked up some amazing pork ribs on a charcoal fire while the kids ran around the farm feeding the goats and the horses while the adults cooked and relaxed.

Mon Jul 10 - quiet time; kids and Amber do school. Ben took some stuff off the boat for donation, then started working on the foredeck. Finished painting the deck and installing the new windlass. Had some of the high quality two-part white paint for the deck left over so removed the toilet lids, sanded, and painted them as well. Tested the windlass and all is working as expected.  Thawed the freezer, added extra insulation to the walls, and replaced the seals for the door. We use a mix of warm water, isopropyl alcohol, and a few drops of Dawn dish soap to make a de-icing solution. Amber made a super delicious beef stroganoff for dinner.

Tue July 11 - quiet time; Amber gets the kids started with school, but rotated between helping them and helping Ben re-install the deck hardware for reattaching the staysail.  We are listening to Booker T Washington’s autobiography, “Up from Slavery;” highly recommend. Only a few days left before we get back underway, so doing work in the early and late hours of the day, then provisioning and running errands during the heat of the day. Another provisioning run to Econo; spent $429 US on mostly dry goods. Starting to look at weather to time our departure. The plan is to make a few short hops east along the south coast of PR early in the mornings, then take the best windows possible to get south to Grenada as quickly as possible.

God Bless,

S/V Koinonia

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