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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Boat Projects Continue (Wed Jun 28 - Tue Jul 4, 2023)

American Kids at the fair in Puerto Rico

Highlights this week:  replacing the windlass (again) and finally getting it working; a new boat project/ problem surfaces; the science of cleaning stainless steel; Puerto Rico's National Fair; BBQ and swimming at our friend Jochi’s house.

Wed Jun 28 - Amber and the kids do school. Ben washed the deck of the boat which was covered in a light coat of dust from Saharan dust clouds making their way to the Caribbean. Went with Jochi to pick up the car he is loaning us; a clean 2-door Honda that runs great, but unfortunately has no A/C. We stopped at a store to buy some refrigerant, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get the system to charge. We stopped at a food truck and picked up some beef and chicken empandas for lunch for everyone. The replacement solenoid for the new windlass arrived today but it didn’t fix the problem, so Ben went ahead and removed the faulty windlass. A new windlass was proactively shipped and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Thu Jun 29 - Amber and the kids do school. Sadly, Ben discovered a new issue with the boat. The inner stay headstay deck fitting was starting to lift and show signs of cracks in the gelcoat. Not good! We immediately released the all pressure on the hydraulic backstay adjuster and, upon further investigation, Ben discovered the deck is not sufficiently supported and that it will require reinforcing. This will be a nontrivial project but, fortunately, we have the knowledge and most of the equipment to make the repairs ourselves and a machine shop nearby to assist with fabrications. Since the kids are studying the civil war era, we started watching the movie “Gettysburg.” Great film.

inner stay deck fitting
Tell-tale sign of excessive deck flex

Fri Jun 30 - kids and Amber do school. Ben did a science experiment with the girls discussing the effects of different types of acids on metals and showing the use of citric acid to gently remove rust while adding passivation to stainless steel.  Ben is working out a design to fix the inner stay deck plate. Our good friend, Don Joyce, has been very helpful.  Removed the staysail and all deck-mounted fittings for the staysail.

Sat Jul 1 - kids had been talking about playing Minecraft all week, so had a slow morning and let them play their video games. Ben installed the newest windlass. At first the newest windlass was not working but Ben realized there was a voltage issue and traced this to a short circuit in the aft battery compartment.  Once resolved, the new windlass is now working perfectly. Hallelujah!!  Finished Gettysburg.

Sun Jul 2 - Jochi picked us up around 9:30 and we drove to Puerto Rico's National Agricultural Fair in Valle de Lajas. We arrived shortly after the fair opened and the crowd was light. We saw a lot of neat animals from around the world and then the kids did pony rides, the hay field maze, petting zoo with miniature pigs and goats, and then we got lunch from several food vendors. There was also giant hay art and the kids did several rides before we all got too hot and the fair too crowded to stay longer. Went back to Jochi and Ani’s home and the kids swam in the pool while Ben and Jochi went to the store to buy stuff to grill out for dinner.  Ben made burgers and guacamole while Ani sautéed onions and made homemade French fries and Jochi got the charcoal grill going. Had a delicious meal, good music, and great company.  Drove home in our borrowed car after dark but one headlight wasn’t working. We won’t be attempting to drive the car at night again until it’s fixed.

Mon Jul 3 - Amber and the kids have school. Ben and Lizzy went to Econo to get some grocery essentials; they keep the building insanely cold; surprised everyone with pizza for lunch. Amber made a delicious chicken cacciatore for dinner.

Tue Jul 4 - light school day today in honor of US Independence Day; it was a low key day due to heavy rain and strong winds at times. Ben took our friend Jochi to drop off and pick up his truck at a local shop. Ben made Puerto Rican beans and rice for lunch. Aliza is very upset about the lack of fireworks tonight; understandably, US Independence Day isn't really celebrated in PR. We ate leftovers for dinner and Amber made a homemade peach cobbler for dessert.  Watched an older Don Knots film, “The Shakiest Gun in the West.”

God Bless,



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