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S/V Koinonia Weekly Sailing Log - Regatta Week, Family, George Town (Wed Apr 18 - Tue Apr 25, 2023)

Updated: May 31, 2023

Highlights this week: National Family Island Sailing Regatta in the Bahamas; Amber's aunt and uncle arrive in George Town; hanging out with family at a beach house; beach church and lunch at Chat 'N' Chill; an impromptu party on S/V "Cat's Meow"

Wed 4/19 - moved the boat to Kidd’s Cove anchorage. Bahamas Family Island Regatta races began today. Amazing to watch!  Picked up our laundry and some essential groceries; the store was well stocked today.  Made Philly Cheese Steak per Lizzy’s Birthday request for lunch on a freshly baked baguette Ben made. Amber's aunt and uncle, Laura and Buck, arrived in George Town. Made meat loaf in the solar oven. Met Buck and Laura at the Rusty Anchor for dinner.

Thu 4/20 - went to hang out with Buck and Laura at the beach house. Spent most of the day relaxing at the beach, sun bathing, and swimming. A curious turtle swam right up to Buck and allowed him pet him (they feed turtles nearby). Got showers and grilled burgers with corn on the cob for dinner. Kids stayed the night with Buck and Laura.

Fri 4/21 - met Buck, Laura, and the kids at the regatta park near the government dock. Watched some of the boat racing and ordered breakfast at one of the food stalls. We were the only ones in line and we got all of our order over an hour later (they told us they were getting it plated at least 10 times, no exaggeration. Bought some shirts and some local honey; Bahamian honey is the best we've ever tasted. Went back to the beach house and enjoyed the beach before dinner.

Sat 4/22 - spent the day at the beach at Buck and Laura’s AirBnB house. Grilled snapper and lobster for dinner. Went to regatta village and met Alex and the Swedes; missed the Royal Bahamian Police Band because they played EARLY (very rare thing in the Bahamas). Hung out for a few hours with boat friends and listening to music and meeting some locals.

Sun 4/23 - rented a 20ft power cat from Minn’s. Went to beach church on the beach behind hurricane hole 2. Went to Chat ‘N Chill for lunch. Amber and I ordered the tropical conch salad, the pig roast, and some fruity drinks. The kids wanted burgers and fries. Met our Swedish friends, Ed and Jodi on S/V Contingo. The kids fed and petted the giant stingrays on the beach next to the conch shack. Took the boat to the beach off on southernmost tip of Stocking Island. Ben and Buck snorkeled the nearby reef. Took the boat to the beach at Buck and Laura’s place and took it back to Minn’s. Packed kids and went back to the boat.

Mon 4/24 - back to school and boat chores today. Ben researched our route for getting south to Luperon, DR and made a baguette and did a load of laundry. Amber and Lizzy went ashore to the nearby clinic to get some antibiotics for Lizzy’s ear infection. Play date at Chat ‘N' Chill with the Swedes. Don and LaVonne of S/V “Cat’s Meow” invite us to an impromptu party on their boat which is a 70ft catamaran that feels like a floating penthouse; met a number of other cruisers and ate some good food; kids stayed on Koinonia.

Tue 4/25 - Kids did school. Made bread, researched getting boat insurance for our trip to the Caribbean; looking like it may be problematic but we have the right people on it. Ben made toasted sandwiches for lunch. Rigged a bridle for the dinghy. Helped S/V Happy Pancake get pics and videos of their boat for listing on Yacht World. Took kids to the beach at Chat N Chill. Amber made chicken enchilada casserole for dinner. Swedes came to Koinonia for sundowners.

God Bless,

S/V Koinonia

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