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S/V Koinonia Weekly Cruising Log - "Island Crud" in Spanish Wells (Wed Mar 22 - Tue Mar 28, 2023)

Updated: May 31, 2023

Highlights this week: Ben's parents leave Spanish Wells; still at the dock but preparing to head south; everyone comes down with a cold (aka "Da Island Crud"); Spanish Wells farmers market; fun times with boat friends and island friends. More fishing and an encounter with a gentle giant.

Wed 3/22 - fished for about an hour at Mom and Dad’s apartment then saw them off at Pinder’s at 10:50. Went back to the boat and had lunch and kids did school (time to do some catching up)!  Cleaned up, washed dishes, folded laundry, and filled the water tanks. Tommy and Tracy watched the girls and had a pizza night while we went on a date night to The Sandbar restaurant.  Highly recommend. The Ahi Nachos and Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich were fantastic!  Ben started feeling worse; loaded him up with meds.

Thu 3/23 - Ben and Aliza stayed in bed almost all day running low grade fever, stuffy noses, etc. Very unusual for Ben to lay in bed. Amber and the older girls did school. Amber made a delicious grilled pork, broccoli, cherry tomato, and cheese pastry for dinner; kids watched a movie in the saloon and we watched the Hunger Games (first time we’ve ever seen it) in our room.

Fri 3/24 - Amber and kids did school. Ben is feeling better today. He joined a virtual meeting with his new brokerage at Sunshine Cruising Yachts in St Augustine. Moved “Koinonia” to a different slip because the owner was bringing his boat back to slip we were occupying. With the strong south winds, thankfully they had another slip available nearby. Ben caught a couple of Nassau Grouper off the dock but all too small to keep (must be >3lbs). He hung a really big fish that peeled off a bunch of line but it got off. Darn! Ben, Amber, and Aliza went for dinghy ride to get some fresh air and continue breaking in the new outboard. Ben cleaned out the forward composting head. Homemade broccoli cheddar soup for dinner. Went to Papa Scoops with Tommy and Tracy for desert; amazing ice cream cookie sandwiches!  Guava and Cheese cake were the two ice cream flavors.

Sat 3/25 - went to the SW farmers market (every other Saturday). Aliza got a hand weaved purse with her name on it and we had some delicious street corn. Took out the trash and filled up the boat and the Jerry cans with diesel. Bought 3lbs of frozen squid for bottom fishing, then separated into 1lb vacuum sealed bags to freeze. Lizzy caught several Nassau Grouper and a Mutton Snapper, but they were all too small to keep. Saw a manatee who was begging like a puppy for fresh water from the hose. So cool! Met another boat family with kids and spent a few hours playing games and doing crafts on Koinonia.  Amber made a white chicken chili for dinner, then we went to Helen and Niall’s with Tommy and Tracy for Irish Coffees and doing some laundry.

Sun 3/26 - Sunday worship at the Gospel Chapel. Went home to eat lunch (leftover white chicken chili). Watched a movie and then went to pick up our propane tank from Richard Aubrey's house on 14th street. We were contacted on Instagram by a guy who bought Catalina 22 hull# 6099, which is a boat Ben restored. He didn't buy the boat from us but recognized the boat in one of our old sailing pics. Small world! Filled the water tanks on Koinonia. Amber made a chefs salad and two buttermilk pies to share for dinner at Jason and Latoya’s home after worship. Enjoyed a fun night of fellowship, singing, and yummy food!

Mon 3/27 - Amber and Kids did school. Ben spent the morning working to repair a leak in our dinghy; could not find any hypalon adhesive on the island, so praying quick set 5200 and a hypalon patch does the trick. Amber took Aliza to the SW health clinic; kids under 12 are seen for free!  They prescribed a medication she has to take 3x a day until her symptoms are gone.  Ben made snapper fish tacos with pineapple salsa and a side of coconut rice for dinner.

Tue 3/28 - Amber and kids did school. cleaned the interior of the boat in anticipation of hosting guests. Researched our weather and route plan for a possible departure on Thu 3/30 (Ben’s birthday). Vacuumed the bilges until dry (rain water and condensation from running the AC at the dock). Change of plans with having guests over. New plan is to celebrate Tommy, Cripy, and Ben’s B-day tomorrow night with a dessert pic-nic on the dock. Cooked brats and hotdogs for dinner; Tommy and Tracy surprise the girls with a trip to get ice cream at Papa Scoops. Amber made a homemade red velvet cake for the B-day celebration. Ben defrosted the freezer and repacked; tried out a trick from The Boat Galley: sprayed the freezer plate with a light coat of cooking oil to reduce ice accumulation and make removal easier.

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