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S/V Koinonia Weekly Cruising Log - Grandparents Visit Spanish Wells (Wed Mar 15 - Tue Mar 21, 2023)

Updated: May 31, 2023

Highlights for this week: moved to a dock for the week; Ben's parents come for a visit; celebrated St Patrick's Day with friends at Budda's (spelling is correct); wonderful night of fellowship and singing at the home of one of the locals after Sunday night worship; successful fishing trip; learned how to open a coconut and make coconut milk; everyone is coming down with a cold 😢

Wed 3/15 - docked “Koinonia” in a slip on the west side of Spanish Wells, near 24th street. Met Bob, our dock neighbor. Maddy accidentally spilled hot tea on Lizzy, which burned her arm. Ben went to SWMH to pay for the new outboard, then took the 10:50am ferry over to N Eleuthera Airport to pick up his parents. Bought the kids some overpriced t-shirts as a surprise; they were happy. Amber did laundry at Helen and Niall’s place. Glenn and Lonnie enjoy a trouble free arrival. Ben sells the old outboard and the buyer helped us fit the new one on the dinghy. Couldn’t have worked out better. Took Ben’s parents to “The Shipyard” for dinner. A bit pricey but the food was excellent. Cold, rainy, and windy tonight. Hot showers and freshly cleaned sheets for all while we enjoy shore power! Spruced up the website a bit.

Thu 3/16 - opened support ticket with Starlink to upgrade account to Global Roam. Amber located Aliza’s lost stuffed toy named “Okra Crispy” (who is actually “Lady” from the classic Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp") at a nearby mini market; literally an answered prayer.  Beautiful day today! 70 and sunny with a breeze. Joined Sunshine Cruising Yachts based in St Augustine, FL.  Helped some friends who had questions about selling their boat. Took Mom and Dad for a ride on the dinghy around Spanish Wells. Amber made stroganoff for dinner. Drinks with Tommy and Tracy. Met Tracy’s sister Dana. Kid’s stayed over at Mom and Dad’s.

Fri 3/17 - Kids have a mild cold or some kind of virus. So far, Amber and I are fine. Picked up 1.5 dozen homemade donuts and 6 empanadas from Romana. Took Mom and Dad to the beach park on west side. Went to pick up “Top” from the boat yard to start waxing “Koinonia’s” hull but he was tied up. Dinner at Budda’s with cruising friends in SW. Huge portion of corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

Sat 3/18 - half day fishing trip with Underwood Charters. Maddy and Aliza stayed on the boat, since they didn’t feel well. Caught mostly yellowtail snapper but did catch three nice trigger fish and one nice mutton snapper. Ben’s dry bag fell off the back of the golf cart when Ben’s mom left to track down Amber, but someone found it and posted it on the SW Facebook page, so we got it back. “Top” and his helper started polishing and waxing “Koinonia’s” hull. Delicious dinner of grilled triggerfish filets and fresh lobster tails with asparagus, mashed potatoes, and drawn butter.

Sun 3/19 - attended worship at the Gospel Chapel in SW, then went back to the boat for lunch with Ben’s parents. Watched a movie with the kids. Made water then changed the pre-filters on the watermaker. “Top” finished buffing and waxing “Koinonia’s” hull. Paid $800 US for hull and topsides to be buffed and waxed, plus materials, so $1K. Learned to open a coconut with Ben’s “cutlass" aka machete. Attended evening worship at Gospel Chapel, then went to Cripy and Romana’s home for dinner. Sang some gospel hymns (amazing harmony). Very memorable night and so much fun!  Went back to the boat and Ben made coconut milk. Went to bed way too late.

Mon 3/20 - rained all night; at times, very hard. Slept in until 10am. Rain continued all day on and off. Glenn and Lonnie came over around 11:30. Had lunch and watched a movie. Pot luck dinner with Tommy, Tracy, Dana, Glenn, Lonnie, Richard and Jenny Aubrey. Grilled fish from our catch on Saturday with a side of veggie coconut curry using the coconut milk from the previous day. Amber made an orange and chocolate chip cake. Had enough lobster tail leftover to make lobster rolls the next day!

Tue 3/21 - met up with Ben’s parents and had lunch at the Snack Vault. Went to the shell shop and then to the grocery store to get some pork chops to grill for dinner and a cake. Ben wasn’t feeling well; seems he has caught the cold that’s been going around. Glenn, Lonnie, and Lizzy went back to their appartment and fished. Glenn caught a nice mangrove snapper in front of the Harbourbreeze dock.  Had dinner on the boat, had cake to celebrate Ben and Lizzy’s birthdays, then watched the movie, "Jungle Cruise."

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